The foundation of any good financial plan includes a considered strategy to manage any foreseeable risks that may impact you and your family’s financial wellbeing.

It’s an essential tool for you to protect what you already have, before you can start to build your wealth further.

The purpose of insurance is to bridge the gap between your cash savings and the financial impact of death, illness, injury or your inability to work for a prolonged period.

We explore what you would like to have happen if you are no longer around, or are unable earn your future salary, so that you can make the right decisions regarding how much cover is enough for your needs and your peace of mind. Where there is a need to balance the amount of cover with the affordability of the insurance premiums, we will discuss your options so that you can make the right decision.

Common Risk Management questions that we help our clients answer include;

  • How much cover do I need?
  • What does each type of cover deliver for me and my family?
  • Do you help me, or my family, when we need to make a claim?
  • What’s the difference between Level and Stepped premiums?
  • What do I need now that my circumstances have changed?
  • Is tax payable on the amount of money paid out when I make a claim?